Ready to code?

The week of December 4 -11 is the week of Hour of Code.

We hope every student in Pleasant Hill learns a little code this week.

Pleasant Hill Special Event Starters: Beginner or Advanced

Teachers, want to reward your students' success?

Request "I write Code" participant buttons.

To be delivered to your school by Dec 4th.

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Kids, want to participate in a live coding event?

Join the city of Pleasant Hill for a coding workshop.

Friday, Dec 8th, Pleasant Hill City Hall

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Grades K+

We suggest using Tynker lessons for K-2. Tynker is a drag-n-drop program requiring minimal reading. The easiest lesson is called "Puppy Adventure".

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Grades 2+

We suggest using Scratch. Scratch is a drag-n-drop programming language developed by MIT and used in many Unversity beginner classes. You can easily create animated stories or video games.

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Grades 5+

We suggest learning HTML/CSS. Both of these languages are used together to code modern websites.

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