Code a website with HTML/CSS

by Hackingtons in Pleasant Hill

Step #1

Open the Thimble Code Editor

Delete all of the code (so you can start fresh)

After deleting the code, click the preview refresh:

Step #2

Add text to your website.

Remember, this website topic must follow school rules.

Sample ideas: Video Games, Puppies, Cats, Cars, Hobbies, Foods, Sports.

Step #3

Add images to your website.

We included some already for you in the template.

Remember, this website topic must follow school rules:

No personal information or pictures of yourself. No Memes, No Famous People, No violence.

Step #4

Add Style (CSS)

Get ready to make your website look amazing!

Step #5

Change Background Color

Want to make it look even better? Check out all of these options:

	color: white;
	border: solid 1px red;

For students looking for more challenging lessons in class, check out w3schools

If you would like to "publish" or "save" your final website, simply create a free Thimble account using your school email address, or have your teacher make a class account using their email.

Feel free to contact Hackingtons support team with any questions.